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STEM Women introduce students and recent graduates who identify as women or non-binary to graduate employers. Companies can exhibit at online and hybrid careers events that are targeted by location and/or industry sector.

Our STEM Women Community

Since 2018, STEM Women has held 43 inspiring networking and careers events, introducing over 20,000 students and graduates to 303 exhibiting employers. Our events are targeted towards individuals who identify as women or non-binary, but are open to all regardless of gender. In 2021, our event attendees were predominantly studying Computer Science and Data subjects (33%), followed by Business, Finance and Economics (24%) and Engineering (17%). We have a growing online STEM Women community and have over 38,000 followers across our social media channels. 


How our online events work

Our online platform has many benefits for employers looking to hire diverse talent. Companies can set up an online stall and engage with students via webchat, voice and video call. They can also assign enquiries to suitable representatives based on the students' CV/bio, and deliver speaker sessions that can be viewed live or played back. Our favourite feature is a "sourcing" tool that enables companies to see who is active with the event, filter by course, and then reach out and initiate a chat with their chosen attendees.


Our 2022 events

In 2022, we will be hosting a number of graduate careers events targeted towards students and graduates based in the UK, Ireland, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Alongside our general STEM careers event, we will also run industry focused events, aimed at students who are targeting careers within engineering, technology and financial services. Our events will provide employers with an opportunity to meet highly relevant candidates searching for internships, placements, and graduate jobs. These events will be a combination of virtual and hybrid events. 


Our new careers portal

New for 2022! We have created a careers portal that enables companies to use our “job posting” and “sourcing” functions at any time. These features have been part of our online event experience since 2020, but companies will now be able to reach out to our entire community whenever they are hiring!


Single company events

We can provide a bespoke careers event for your company. You can let us know your preferred course split, graduation year, geographic locations and ideal numbers. We will then invite suitable candidates and set up a virtual event on your behalf. Your team can then chat to the attendees, conduct interviews via video call and deliver webinars introducing your different business areas.


It’s a really good opportunity to showcase how women in your organisation work, and what it’s really like.
Julia Daffy
NatWest Markets
You’re not going to get this kind of impact within the space of 4 hours anywhere else.
Anna Saprota
Cirrus Logic
In the last 18 months we have attended 3 events and hired candidates from every one.
Alastair Marshall
Sparta Global

Contact Us

You can email or call us to request our event pricing, arrange a demonstration of our online portal or discuss your requirements in more depth.

Reach out to laurenj@stemwomen.co.uk or call +44 151 236 8000.